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Simply call or email the store nearest you, from the list below, to get started.

Pick Up

Our team driver will be pleased to drop by your home or office to collect your bag of garments.


We will use our state of the art Solvent-Free Cleaning equipment and over 25 years of experience to clean and press your garments.


Our team driver will return your garments packaged just the way you wish them to your home or office.

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BARRIE – Email us or call 705-739-0820
ORILLIA – Email us or call 705-325-7744
GRAVENHURST – Email us or call 705-684-8331
BRACEBRIDGE – Email us or call 705-645-2237
HUNTSVILLE – Email us or call 705-789-9122

About Us

We, at Fabricare Cleaning Center, understand that your time is valuable to you and that you are very busy!  We have introduced our new service “skipthedrycleaning” and it’s going over great!  We wish to tell you about this amazing service as well,  You too can now enroll in our pick up and delivery service for all your cleaning needs…your dry cleaning and your household laundry items!  Please remember we are Green Cleaners…our cleaning processes are environmentally friendly, are good for our customers, for our employees, for your garments and for our Earth.  Please call or email at the contact information above.  Our team driver will be pleased to drop by your home or office and get our service started for you!  Fabricare, because it’s Better there!!